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  USA B1 Business Visitor Visa from India


Besides being a place with splendid living standards, unparalleled education system, a popular destination among tourists, the most sought after place for jobs, US is also a great place to do business as it has a number of remarkable business opportunities. For Indians seeking to enter the US via business visa, you need to apply for B1 Visa i.e a non-immigrant US Visa which permits the visitors to enter the US for business-related purposes.



B1 Visa holders can indulge in the following business activities:

·         They can negotiate contracts.


·         Amidst their stay in the US, they can consult with business associates in the US.


·         Also, they can settle estates.


·         B1 Visa holders can attend conferences, educational, professional, or business events.



The US B1 Visa comes along with a lot of benefits. It lets you unleash the plethora of business opportunities that the US economy has got to offer you. There is no limit to the number of times you can visit the US. You can visit the US whenever necessary for business purposes and once your visa expires, you can always apply for a new one as there is no cap on how many times visas are issued within a year.


Document Requirements for US B1 Business Visitor Visa from India


Following is the list of document requirements for US Business Visa for Indians:


1.       A valid passport


2.       Photos that duly comply with the US Visa Photo Requirements.


3.       A letter that explains the purpose of your trip.


4.       The Form DS-160 with confirmation page and code.


5.       The interview confirmation page.


6.       Financial or bank statements that prove you have enough funds to stay in the US.


7.       You need to prove that you possess ties to your home country such as family, job contract, or property deed to ensure that you will be returning back to your homeland.


8.       You will need to present a letter from police authorities stating that you do not have any criminal record.


9.       If you have visited the US in the past, bring documents relevant to your earlier visits.


10.   If you are working, then you will need to bring a letter from your employer and payslips for the last three months.


11.   You will also need to submit a letter from the company detailing the purpose of the trip and your job position.

US B1 Business Visa Eligibility Criteria for Indians


The US business visa eligibility criteria are not as stringent as other visas, however, you should satisfy them so as to qualify. To be qualified for a business visa to the US, you should meet these qualification criteria:


·         That your purpose for visiting is business-related.


·         You have enough funds to cover your stay in the US.


·         You plan to come back to your nation of origin when your visa terminates and you don't mean to remain in the US



In the event that you meet these criteria and can demonstrate your eligibility through legitimate documents in the application stage, at that point you will have the option to apply and get the B1 visa.