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Appply for Australia PR from India

Undoubtedly, Australia is a great country to work and settle in for an indefinite period of time. The country’s seamless Immigration policies and convenient laws and regulations attract PR Seekers from across the globe.

Australia’s PR process is a very systematic and organised one. It follows a point-based system, in which all the applications are assessed on the basis of applicant’s credentials that include human core factors and also the educational and skills related factors. Australian PR Visa comes packed with a humongous number of benefits. To list a few of them are:

Benefits of having PR in Australia

  1. You get the right to sponsor other family members for a PR Visa or a temporary Visa to Australia.
  2. You can also avail a few social security benefit payments.
  3. You also get to enjoy the benefit of the health insurance scheme that is being run by the Australian government.
  4. Can apply for Australian citizenship in the wake of satisfying the required criteria.
  5. You also get the right to work and live in any part of Australia for an indefinite period of time.
  6. Free education is also given to children up to a certain age.

Australian PR Visa Eligibility Criteria

  • You must score at least 65 points on the points grid i.e the Points Requirement based on Points based test for applicants from India.
  • You ought to be below 45 years of age to apply for Australian PR Visa.
  • You also need to have an occupation nominated in Australia’s Skilled Occupation List.
  • You should be of Good Character, with no criminal records.
  • You need to be of good health fulfilling all the health parameters as set by the Australian Government.
  • The assigned Australian specialists need to survey your skill solely dependent on your education and work experience.

Documents Required for PR Visa to Australia

As the Australian PR Visa System is based on the points system, it is required to score enough and ensure that you are meeting all the Australian PR Visa requirements to complete the entire process. The required set of documents include:

  • Work Experience Documents
  • Educational Qualification Certificates
  • Proof of Sufficient Language Proficiency (English Language Test)
  • A valid passport
  • If any, present the documents of permission from the authorities.