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Retirement Visa for Australia

Retirement in Australia offers to live life in a much more spacious and pollution-free environment. In addition to infrastructure, the climate of Australia is very soothing and green for the people who are getting older. It is one of the least expensive cities in the world with remarkable healthcare. The city also facilitates additional facilities for the retired people. If you are considering to apply for a retirement visa the applicant should have:

Australia Retirement Visa Requirements

  1. Passport
  2. The first thing you and your partner need to have while applying for an Australia visa is your passport. If you change your passport you would have to notify the department because if you do not do so you would have to face delays in the retirement visa process.

  3. Medicare benefits
  4. Generally you are not eligible for Medicare benefits due to an agreement between Australia and the governments of other countries. But if something related to health happens with you in the future, you can surely get remarkable health care services from Australia.

  5. Age
  6. You should be 55 years or older. According to the Australian government policy, you and your partner should be 55 years or above only then you would be allowed to apply for a retirement visa of Australia. The verification of age is done before the application of a retirement visa is submitted to the authorities.

  7. Investement
  8. You should be able to make a significant long term investment in Australia. The Australia retirement visa is for you if you could make a significant long term investment in Australia. The visa is granted to only those people who are well off and are financially stable. The factor of investment is judged by the bank balance.

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