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Canada Business Visa Process from India

A business visa is required for Canada if you are not a citizen of Canada but intend to take part in the international business activities in Canada. Indian Business visitors need to ensure that they are visiting Canada on a temporary basis and will be returning back to their native land after they are done with their business activity in Canada. Business visitors visit Canada to seek:

New work opportunities.
Ways to grow their business.
Invest in projects.
To enhance and advance their business relationships in the International Labour Market.
Business visitors are not permitted to stay for more than 6 months in Canada.

How Indians qualify for Business Visitor Visa to Canada?
To qualify that you are a business visitor in Canada, you must ascertain that:

Your stay in Canada is for less than 6 months.
You don't plan to enter the Canadian Business Market.
Your main spot of business and source of income and profits is outside Canada.
You have a proper set of documents that help your application.
You meet Canada's fundamental entry necessities.
You have a substantial travel document, for example, your passport.
You have enough cash for you to remain and to get back.
Plan to leave Canada toward the finish of your visit.
Are not a lawbreaker, security or wellbeing danger to Canadians.
Types of Business Activities that you can undertake in Canada
There are several numbers of business activities that a business visitor can indulge in when in Canada, to list a few of them are:

Purchasing Canadian merchandise or services for a remote business or government
Taking orders for services or goods.
Going to meetings, shows or trade fairs.
Giving after-deals service (overseeing, not doing hands-on work).
Being prepared by a Canadian parent organization that you work for outside Canada.
Training workers of a Canadian part of an outside or foreign organization.
Being trained by a Canadian company that has sold you equipment or services.
Canada Business Visa Requirements from India
Make sure that you carry the below-mentioned documents with you when you arrive on the border in Canada. The list of documents include:

A passport or any travel document that is legitimate for your entire stay in Canada.
A valid visitor visa, if applicable.
On the off chance that you need an eTA, you should travel utilizing a similar visa you utilized in your application.
Letters of support from your parent organization and a letter of invitation from the Canadian host business or a Letter of Recognition from the Canada Border Services Agency.
Other records, for example, warranty or services agreements, if significant to your visit.
Provide 24-hour contact details of your business host in Canada.
Confirmation that you have enough cash for both your stay in Canada and your return home.
How can we help you with a Canada Business Visa?
Canada is indeed an economically rich country around the globe that offers a humongous number of business opportunities to business visitors. The business visitors are permitted to explore the numerous business opportunities made available there and interact with Canadian Business Counterparts. Proximity Immigration have Canada business visa consultants will help you the entire Visa Application process for your Business Visa for Canada and make sure that the entire process is carried out in an organized and legal manner.

Canada Business Visa Fees from India
The processing fees for business is CAD 500