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Canada Skilled Visa

There are numerous benefits of applying for a skilled visa in Canada. Canada is one of the World’s strong employment markets. There are a number of job opportunities for people of different interests in Canada. Not only does it offer numerous job opportunities but does also offers a safe and healthy lifestyle. Applicants for Canada’s skilled visa need to have a minimum of 67 points to qualify for it.

Requirements for Applying Canada Skilled Visa

  • English and French Language Ability
  • Applicants must have fluency in English or French Language. The judgment of fluency is done on the basis of the Canadian test which applicants need to qualify. The four components on the basis of which the test is conducted are reading, speaking, listening and writing. This factor comprises a maximum of 28 points.

  • Education
  • This factor comprises a maximum of 25 points. Applicants need to have a Canadian secondary school certificate, or post-secondary qualification, such as a college diploma or university degree to qualify for Canada’s skilled visa.

  • Work Experience
  • This factor comprises a maximum of 15 points. For this factor to qualify, applicants need to have significant work experience in a skilled role. They need to have a total of 1560 hours of work experience which is approximately a year. Also, the experience must be gained in a paid job.

  • Age
  • This factor comprises a maximum of 12 points. An applicant needs to be in-between the age of 18-47 years. These points are different for different age groups. The most ideal age group for applying for Canadian skilled visa is 18-35 years.

  • Arranged employment
  • This factor comprises a maximum of 10 points. An applicant is awarded 10 points if he/she has a job offer in Canada or is currently working in Canada. The job type to qualify for this factor is a full-time employee.

  • Adaptability
  • This factor comprises a maximum of 10 points. For this factor to qualify, an applicant needs to complete a minimum of 2 years of full-time study (more than 15 hours per week) at a Canadian secondary school or postsecondary education institution.

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