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Apply Spouse Visa for Canada from India

It is only permanent residents or Canadian citizens who can sponsor their spouse for Canadian PR. In the case of a spouse marriage visa for Canada, you do not have to fulfil any stringent educational requirements, no need for any work experience in the past or passing any language proficiency test. The individual who needs to apply for a spouse migration visa needs to satisfy the criteria set by CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada).

Spousal sponsorship is a method that offers a position to a foreign nationalist who is married to a Canadian resident or permanent resident to get permanent migration. You can't support your life partner to Canada by means of a spouse marriage visa. You will undoubtedly have to demonstrate the lawfulness or legality of your marriage.

Eligibility Criteria for a Spouse/Dependent/Relative Visa from India

  • You must be eligible to apply as a spouse for a sponsor in Canada only if you have a legal marriage.
  • A dependent ought to be under 22 years of age and must not be married.
  • Under this dependent visa category, same-sex partners and civil union partners are also eligible.
  • The spouse/relative/dependent must meet certain health and character requirements.

Who is eligible for Spouse Visa for Canada from India?

The people who are eligible for sponsoring Spouse Marriage Visa for Canada are:

  • Canadian Citizen
  • Canada Permanent Resident

Factors that might eliminate you from Canada spouse visa from India

Have a glance at all the possible factors that might get you eliminated from sponsoring your spouse visa.

  • If you have failed to provide financial support to a person you sponsored in the past.
  • Took money related or social help from the Canadian government other than disability.
  • Indicted for viciousness or sexual offence against family or associates.
  • Defaulted in the reimbursement of any immigration loan.
  • Jailed for any serious crime.
  • You have detained bankruptcy.

As decided by the laws of CIC (Citizenship & Immigration Canada) you cannot sponsor your spouse if they are underage or below 18 years. Spouse Visa is indeed one of the most ideal approaches to be with your partner in Canada. You can also apply for a spouse visa dependent open work permit alongside the spouse immigration visa if your companion is living with you in Canada on a legitimate visa. Your companion can start working in Canada while the PR is being processed. To apply for a spouse dependent open work permit alongside the migration visa your partner will turn into a PR when the person arrives in Canada. They will have the option to avail all the government facilities that any Permanent Resident avails.

Processing Time for Canada Spouse Visa from India

The average processing time for Canada Spouse Visa is 8 to 10 months for PR dependent visa.

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