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Apply for Australian Citizenship Visa from India

Living in Australia and being able to call themselves an Australian citizen is a dream for many people. Making Australia their permanent residence is undeniably the goal of many migrants. Living in Australia as an Australian Citizen comes along with a plethora of privileges and numerous opportunities in every field be it education, job, business, healthcare etc.

Besides this, the country has a splendid standard of living, that attracts the people from other countries to migrate to Australia and be a citizen of Australia. Apart from all this, the Australian citizens have to abide by many duties and responsibilities as being a citizen of Australia. Becoming a citizen of Australia from India implies that you are making a continuous promise to Australia and everything Australia represents.

Australian Citizenship Visa Eligibility Criteria & Requirements

Mainly, those Indians beyond 18 years of age who apply for Australian citizenship must qualify the below-mentioned criteria:

  1. Have appeared and passed through a citizenship test (except if beyond 60 years old)
  2. Be a permanent resident of Australia at the hour of application, and furthermore, at time of decision.
  3. Fulfil the residence or accommodation prerequisite.
  4. Probably live, or continue to dwell in Australia or to keep up a nearby and proceeding with a relationship with Australia.
  5. Be of acceptable character.

Apart from adults children may likewise apply for Australian Citizenship from India, albeit different set of rules and requirements apply regarding the same.

Residence/Accommodation Requirement

Any adult who has become a permanent resident must probably be lawfully living in Australia for a long time preceding applying for Australian citizenship. This incorporates:

  • A year i.e 12 months as a permanent resident.
  • Absences from Australia of no more than 1-year
  • Absences from Australia of close to a quarter of a year in the year prior to applying.

Citizenship Test

If you fulfil the general eligibility criteria, you should clear a test before applying for Australian citizenship. Those secured by different circumstances, (for example, those matured under 18 or over age 60, or individuals who experience the ill effects of a generous weakness or loss of hearing, discourse or sight) are not required to sit a test.

The Australian citizstralian residents to increase the comprehension of Auenship test has been intended to enable future Australia's:

  • Values
  • Customs and Traditions
  • History
  • National symbols.

The test is a significant part of guaranteeing you have the ability to completely take an interest in the Australian Community as a resident and amplify the open doors accessible to you in Australia. It advances social union and effective coordination into the network.

To sit and undertake the test you should:

  • Be an Australian permanent inhabitant
  • Fulfil the department of your personality during the way toward enrolling for the test
  • Permit the department to snap a picture of you or give one yourself.

Being an Australian citizen entitles you to many privileges, responsibilities and duties as now you are a permanent resident of the country.