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How to get Canada Citizenship Visa from India


To be able to acquire a citizenship visa for Canada from Indian, Indians need to qualify certain eligibility criteria and need to submit a duly filled application form.



Canadian Citizenship Visa Eligibility Criteria for Indians


In order to be Indians eligible for Citizenship Visa to Canada, an Indian candidate ought to qualify the below-mentioned criteria for the same:


1.       You need to present proof that you are proficient enough to speak in one of Canada’s official languages i.e (either English or French).IRCC might return your application stating it as incomplete if you are unable to provide an acceptable proof that you can speak one of the two official languages of Canada.


2.       You have to be a Permanent Resident (PR).


3.       Ensure that you’ve lived in Canada as a PR for at least 1095 days out of 5 years which accounts for approximately 3 years out of 5.


4.       Also, ensure that you’ve filed your taxes for at least 3 years during the period last 5 years of your stay and any income tax that you may owe must be duly paid.


5.       You need to pass a test based on the knowledge of your rights, responsibilities and basic knowledge about Canada.


6.       If you happen to be a member of Canadian Armed forces or were in the past then you are eligible for the fast track application process for Canadian Citizenship Visa.