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Hong Kong Citizenship Visa Process from India

Acquiring Hong Kong citizenship is a dream for many. The country has two different pathways for the same. One applies for Chinese citizens and the other is for Non-Chinese Citizens. Different eligibility criteria apply in both cases for becoming a citizen of Hong Kong i.e if you are a Chinese Citizen or a Non-Chinese Citizen. Have a glance at the requirements and eligibility criteria in both the two different cases:

Eligibility Criteria for Indian Applicants for acquiring Hong Kong Citizenship Visa

An Indian applicant can become a Hong Kong Citizen only if he/she belongs from any of the categories mentioned below:

  • An individual not of Chinese nationality who has entered Hong Kong with a legitimate travel report and has conventionally resided in Hong Kong for a continuous-time of at the very least seven years and has taken Hong Kong as his/her place of permanent residence previously or after the establishment of the HKSAR.
  • An individual under 21 years old born in Hong Kong to a parent who is a permanent inhabitant of the HKSAR in class (A) before or after the foundation of the HKSAR if at the hour of his/her birth to the world or at any later time before he/she achieves 21 years old, undeniably one parent has the right of abode in Hong Kong.
  • An individual other than those in categories running from (A) to (E), who had the right of abode in Hong Kong only, before the establishment of the HKSAR.

Requirements for obtaining Hong Kong Citizenship Visa from India

  1. A Valid passport
  2. You have to adhere to the time period for which you are allowed to stay in Hong Kong. The time period varies from 7 days to 180 days.
  3. Indian passport holders need to fulfil a special set of requirements. They need to apply for a pre-arrival registration. The document is meant to replace the Hong Kong visa on arrival. The application is available online and Proximity Immigration can help you in filling that. The application form is very easy to fill and you just need to provide some personal information accordingly as asked, select a processing time and last of all answer a set of personal questions.
  4. You should be of good character and meet all the health requirements as set by the Hong Kong Immigration authorities.