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US Citizenship Visa Process from India

The US has always been one of the most liked places by immigrants from all over the world who have been searching for a better life. It is indeed a large country with lots of economic opportunities onboard. Undoubtedly, the US has a myriad of places, where you can move in and settle in the US. Hence, there is no wonder why so many people want to live and settle in the US.

Benefits of US Citizenship Visa

US citizenship comes along with lots of benefits and also many responsibilities. Some of the advantages of US Citizenship are:

  • You get to live in the US (United States)
  • Excellent quality of life.
  • Economic opportunities
  • You get the third strongest visa in the world thereby getting the ability of Visa-free travel
  • You also get a guaranteed right to live and work in the US.
  • You get to obtain federal benefits that are given only to US citizens.
  • You can certainly apply for a green card for your relatives.
  • Your children automatically become US citizens even if they are born overseas.
  • You now have access to apply for jobs in the US government.
  • You have got the right to vote in US elections.

Naturalization is the process by which an immigrant can become a US citizen. It is not that easy a task. Only a certain number of immigrants are eligible for it. The factors that decide the eligibility of naturalization are:

  • How long have you had your green card? If you are a green card holder for 3-5 years then its a plus.
  • How long have you physically lived in the US? You ought to live 30 months or 2.5 years out of those 5 years to apply for the green card in the US.
  • Do you meet any military requirements? If yes, then was it in ‘peacetime’ or ‘wartime’.

There are different sets of rules and eligibility criteria that apply for people of different age groups. So you can check the eligibility criteria as per your age group and other important attributes that decide if you can be a US citizen.

Steps involved in acquiring US Citizenship Visa from India

This is just a brief review of steps you need to take for obtaining US Citizenship. Make sure you are referring to the detailed version of the same to get more insight.

  1. Application for Naturalization
  2. File an Application for Naturalization (Form N-400).

  3. Biometrics Appointment
  4. The next step is getting a Biometrics Appointment. You basically have to submit your fingerprints at your local USCIS office.

  5. Citizenship Interview & Exam
  6. Following the above, the next step is, you have to undergo a citizenship interview and firstly an English language test and second a civics test (deals with knowledge about US history and basic information)

  7. Oath of Allegiance
  8. Once your application has been approved, you’ve to attend an Oath of Allegiance. This is a very important step as you are not entitled to be a US citizen unless you fulfil this step. Once the ceremony is over you will receive a certificate of Naturalization, from where you can begin your life as a US citizen.

Proximity Immigration can help you go through all these steps very smoothly and make the whole process of US Citizenship Visa a cakewalk for you. We will help you undergo the application process with proper vigilance at each and every single step of your application.