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NZ Business Visa Process from India


The major objective behind New Zealand Business Category is to enhance the economic growth of New Zealand by attracting entrepreneurs, investors, business owners etc. New Zealand government encourages experienced business people to do business in New Zealand (NZ). In order to travel from India to NZ for business purposes you need to procure a business visitor visa for that country.



Below you will find the list of important documents that will be required before filing your New Zealand Business Application Form and the eligibility criteria Indians need to qualify before getting your New Zealand Business Visa:




New Zealand Business Visa Required for Indian Citizens


1.       Passport with validity up to six months


2.       A copy of the duly filled visa application form


3.       Two colour photographs


4.       Covering Letter which states the applicant’s purpose and duration of the visit.


5.       Original confirmed to and fro air tickets


6.       Proof of Hotel reservation or Accommodation options.


7.       Original and copy of Income Tax Returns


8.       Photocopy of PAN Card


9.       Business/Company Registration proof.


10.   Taxation Proof


11.   Copy of Invitation Letter from the company


12.   Conference/Event Registration Details


New Zealand Business Visa Eligibility for Indians


In order to be a competent traveller to New Zealand from India on Business Visa, Indians need to meet the following eligibility criteria:



1.       You ought to be worthy enough to bear all your expenses throughout the period of your stay in New Zealand.


2.       Your intention to visit New Zealand (NZ) should be genuine and clear enough. In this case, you should have an invitation letter as proof from the company in New Zealand to present to the authorities.



3.       The traveller must be of good character and should not have any criminal record in past or ongoing criminal proceedings.


4.       The person travelling to New Zealand (NZ) on a Business Visa needs to present a proof of returning back to their native land after their purpose is served in New Zealand.



5.       The traveller needs to be in good health.


New Zealand Business Visa Processing Time India


The average processing time for NZ business visa application for Indian citizens is 2 to 5 weeks.



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