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Apply PR Visa for New Zealand from India

New Zealand is undeniably one of the preferred destinations by people to work and settle. The country’s lush green beauteous landscapes, low unemployment rate, high quality of life and definitely a decent economy attracts people from all around the globe to settle in New Zealand.

Benefits of PR Visa for New Zealand

There are many advantages that follow a PR Visa in New Zealand, which include:

  • You have the right to live, work, travel and study in New Zealand perpetually with no limitations.
  • You can also avail medical benefits at subsidised rates just as the social security benefits.
  • Your kids will be qualified for availing free education at state-run schools and colleges.
  • You can also sponsor your family members to apply for permanent residency visas if they meet the residency and affirmation of support prerequisites.
  • You can apply for New Zealand citizenship in the wake of remaining in the nation for quite a while, obviously that you satisfy all their other criteria, for example, fundamental use of English language, communication skills, great character, and a reasonable plan to stay in the nation.
  • Kids conceived in New Zealand will consequently pick up citizenship of the nation by birth.

Eligibility Criteria for New Zealand (NZ) PR Visa for Indians

Adhere to the basic requirements in order to obtain a PR Visa in New Zealand:

  1. Your age should be less than 55 years.
  2. You need to be fluent in the English Language
  3. You ought to have good health and good character with a clean criminal record.
  4. You must have a job offer in hand (in case you have applied for a sponsored work visa)
  5. You should be very clear in explaining your intent to stay in the country

There are more than one categories in which a person can apply for PR visa in New Zealand through various categories which mainly include: Skilled Migrant Category, Partner Category, and Business and Investment Category.

New Zealand (NZ) PR Points-based system

In order to assess your ability, the New Zealand Government has framed a set of PR points system based on which you are assigned points under the following heads:

  • Employment Status
  • If you are a skilled employee and working for over a year then 60 points and if you are seeking job/employment for less than a year then 50 points.

  • Work Experience
  • This head ranges from 10 points to 30 points depending on the years you’ve worked i.e for up to 2 years to 10 years with respect to the points mentioned above.

  • Educational Qualifications
  • You get 50 points if you are a Bachelor’s degree holder or any other major diploma qualification holder and 55 points if you happen to be a Master’s/Doctorate degree holder.

  • Age
  • You can get a maximum of 30 points for 20-29 years of age up to a minimum of 5 points for people who are 50-55 years of age.

  • Family Ties
  • You get 10 points if you happen to have close family relatives or members in New Zealand

Securing 140 points gets you chosen for ITA (Invitation To Apply) for the visa. The base submission criteria for the same would-be 100-135. Be that as it may, it isn't sure this will ensure an ITA.