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Retirement Visa for NZ

After doing hard-work for their entire life, all that a retiree wants is a good and safe place to spend the rest of their life. Across New Zealand, over 100,000 have chosen to make their home in retirement villages. Their villages have everything that a retiree would need to spend the rest of their life. From heated swimming pools to bowling greens, these villages have it all.

Requirement for New Zealand Retirement Visa

  • You should be at least 66 years or older
  • For retiring in New Zealand the first and foremost thing that comes to your way is that you and your partner (if any) needs to be at least 66 years or older. The verification of age is done before the application of a retirement visa is submitted to the authorities.

  • Should meet standard health and character requirements
  • The next requirement up while applying for the New Zealand retirement visa is that you should meet the standard health and character requirements. You should be physically and mentally fit and should be away from any sort of long-term disease. Also, you should have a good character only and only then you are eligible to apply for a retirement visa in New Zealand.

  • You need more than $800,000 in investments
  • You need to be financially stable while applying for a retirement visa in New Zealand. Also, you require more than $800,000 in investments and maintenance funds, not counting the additional requirement of nearly $40,000 in annual income. While it's expensive to get in and apply for a visa, the cost of living afterwards gets comparatively cheaper.

  • Should have health/travel insurance
  • You also need to have a travel insurance policy that covers your medical conditions as the reciprocal agreement may only cover necessary and immediate funds. Also, health is something for what you should be prepared in advance so that you have everything sorted in case of an emergency.

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